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FIFA magazine allows itself a sexist quote in feature about Sepp Blatter



As if Sepp Blatter needed any more help in making himself look like a sexist clown, the latest edition of the official FIFA magazine included a feature on its president containing a stupidly offensive passage about the fairer sex:

Blatter went on to make the most of his opportunities,…

No. Not because of the obviously sexist statement here, which, seriously? Women all over the world play soccer/futbol and are just as successful if not more so than their male counterparts. No because the offside rule is NOT THAT COMPLICATED. You might need a visual aid, a dry erase board, some salt and pepper shakers, but you can quite easily get your point across. Unless you are an idiot. Like the guy who said this.


Monsters, Namor? Haven’t we secretly always been? Men lording over the lives of their lessers? I wonder now…if the road I have traveled always led me here, were the choices along the way still all mine? I think they were. I’m not a victim. I’m not a pawn. I chose this.

raul esparza as marvel’s doctor strange


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